Svetlana Prigoditch

Sweet Blood


Cellulose acetate, paper, wire, metal Scent 6ml: accord milk, accord, metal, accord blood

5×5 cm

The “CinemAromatique” Classic Collection is inspired by the fragrant substances and it is based on – among others – French, Italian and Russian movies of the 20th century. The outcome and central subject of the collection is a series of brooches. Each piece resembles a small filmstrip and it is formed by layered multiple movie cutouts. The layering creates a 3D effect. In the jewelry box, where the pieces are kept safe, one can find an aroma. Using the aroma when wearing or even just looking at the jewelry, gives it an extra dimension: it attracts ones’ senses stimulating his/hers imagination and gives to the user/wearer the chance to escape reality for a moment