Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School

Andreia Popescu, Sugar off


Bronze, red gold 14k, sugar, pins, acrylic

Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School is the first private institution in Romania dedicated to the teaching, support, and development of the emerging field of contemporary jewelry. It was founded in October 2010 by the designer David Sandu, and over the last 8 years, it has held over 150 training sessions, courses, and workshops, counting more than 500 alumni. The school team is continuously growing, gathering Romanian teachers along with international guest lecturers from Italy, France, USA and Austria. Assamblage is a foundation and a strong reference point in the developing of designer jewelry in Romania that has helped the forming of a cohesive community of artists, rising to international standards.

Participating artists

Andreia Gabriela Popescu / Anca Croitoru / Arina Nitulescu / Diana Vasile / Diana Tobosaru / Gabriel Popa / Gena Tudor / Miruna Belicovici / Mihaela Caravan / Monica Iacovenco / Roxana Hodorog / Teodora Rus