Krama Institute

Marilena Karagkiozi, The fighter


Fabric, plaster, found objects

Krama was created aiming at the induction of students into the contemporary thought and trends of jewelry. Along with the experimentation, the knowledge and creativity, we focus  on the methodology and cultivation of thought, the concept of free individual expression, the knowledge and processing of materials, the adequacy of construction and the evolution of technicians. Throughout this process, and through the actual practice of jewelry making, the personal way of expression of each individual student is explored and eventually discovered.

Participating artists

Katerina Roumelioti / Victoria Ioannidou / Niki Giannopoulou / Marilena Karagkiozi / Theoni Papademetriou / Stefania Sioufa / Xenia Deimezi / Agapi Smpokou / Penny Kostoula / Nasia Nari / Magda Gkiati / Xristina Dimou / Aimilia Nikoloaou / Anastasia Agglopoulou