The design studio by Azza Fahmy

Hala Said, Tutti frutti #1


Brass, agate, hand-knotted cotton thread, wire

The Design Studio Azza Fahmy (DSAF), founded in 2013 by the Designer Azza Fahmy, is the only contemporary jewelry school in the Middle East. Fahmy decided to run this school as a means for passing on her passion and creativity to young artists and help them by leading the way in the contemporary jewelry design. The courses are designed to meet the different needs of students in terms of commitment and duration. Furthermore, extreme attention has been paid on the refinement of teaching methods, the mixing of traditional techniques with alternative processes and experimental lines of thought, as well as the identification and appreciation of the potential and talent of individual students. DSAF will plan a special exhibition for AJW titled The gift (a matter of handling).

Participating artists

Issraa Rayes / Iman Sami / Hala Said / Iman Sabbour / Dina El Banna / Rama Mahnna / Marwa El Decken / Fadwa Nayef