Panagoula Bouli

Kilimi 2

Bust body ornament

Leather, straw, bronze bells, wax threads

Ginevra Montoschi


Musical necklace

Carob, raw silk, straw

Jewelry crafting is a solitary experience and jewelry itself, is intended for individual use. By combining jewelry with performance, the solitary experience becomes communal and vice versa: the jewel becomes space and the space becomes jewel. We are looking for ways to “fill” the space; to make the solitary, communal.

The use of different artistic media allows us to create various materials and audible spaces, within which, one can exist among others individually. For that reason the collection we wish to show, will be presented with video and audio support. Materials symbolize something that will obviously perish soon, but in the meantime, they are totally alive: they make a sound, they deteriorate and they have a strong smell.

Participating Artists

Ginevra Montoschi
Panagoula Bouli