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Nanna Obel - Athens Jewelry Week 2020

Nanna Obel


A Disease Worse Than Alcohol


Gold, Silver, Copper, Enamel, Photo, Silk

Every Woman Ought to Know


Gold, Silver, Copper, Enamel, Photo, Rubies, Silk


Have a Heart - and Pass it On


Gold, Silver, Copper, Enamel, Photo, Illustration, Silk, Coral

Free abortion and the right to your own body

It’s a Snap


Silver, enamel, Illustration, Photo, Transfer-film, Resin Lacquer, Tracing Paper, Leather, Silk

Assaults on children in the Catholic Church

Love me, Touch me not


Gold, Silver, Enamel, Illustration, Amber, Ivory

Womens Rights / First Feminism Wave

Medals of Honour Anno 2018 - a tribute to five female liberation pioneers


Gold, Silver, Enamel, Photo, Aquamarine, Carneol, Polyester Ribbon

Miss Venus


Gold-plated Silver, Silver, Enamel, Photo, Illustration, Rubies, Silk.

My jewelry always has a story to tell. In my research, I read books and follow the news flow. My story dictates the shapes and materials and I never know what the final jewelry be at the beginning of the process. My background as a graphic designer makes me visually orientated, and I draw inspiration from collage art, photos, typography, packaging, signs, puns, and quotes. My favorite materials are enamel, images, and precious metals. I have a big interest in women’s rights and social-political issues – themes I incorporate in my work with humor and irony. I aim to show more than one side of the story and hopefully make the wearer and viewer communicate, laugh, and reflect on the stories.