Xun Liu



Brass, Copper, Enamel Paint, Vintage Fishing Lure, Stainless Steel



Sterling Silver, Pearls, Sand Dollars, Coral, Copper, Vintage Fishing Lure, Stainless Steel



Sterling Silver, Pearls, Patina on Copper, Vintage Fishing Lure


Ring Set

Sterling Silver, Pearls, Fabric, Cotton Thread, Vintage Fishing Lure


Rotated Ring

Acrylic, Pearls, Brass, Copper, Spray Paint, Vintage Fishing Lure

We tell stories to be part of the social world. An act that allows us to understand and examine ourselves. Storytelling and my use of imagination are huge aspects of my work.

I use old and used fishing lures, objects which are found, as they spark my imaginations. I engage in playing to create my pieces in sculptural ways. By making jewelry with found objects, I question why people abandon what is meaningful to them. I give these objects unique voices to communicate with people beyond their physical form.

My artistic process creates jewelry that evokes a sense of playfulness, joy, and imagination; I give each found object individual characteristics leading to a new life in the form of jewelry.