Sofia Björkman

A picture of a world


Wood, cotton fiber, steel

In Sofia Björkman’s solo exhibition A picture of a world, the curator and jewelry artist will show works that have been collected, made and remade during years
of practice. Sofia Björkman, very often remakes pieces, but more often she creates new pieces that look as if they were made before. By making, she learns
about life[time]. And she searches for answers. How do we know the time that things belong to? Where does inspiration arise from? How are the same artworks
received from a diverse audience living in different countries? In her profession, the artist meets a lot of people that comment and give a critique of what they
see. This influences her. Sometimes she even lets these comments to be a part of her artistic research and practice, in an attempt to deeper understand works,
and to better express the experience of being an artist and a curator at the same time. Sofia believes that wearable jewelry can easily be moved from one context
to another, and can, therefore, cause multiple reactions, other than the ones that usually cause when exhibited in art environments. Mobility and flexibility
broaden a piece’s potential to having an impact and eliciting various responses.