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The Jury - Athens Jewelry Week

The Jury

Anticlastics [Erato Kouloubi, Niki Stylianou] and Anastasia Kandaraki – Co-founders of Athens Jewelry Week.
Christoph Zellweger – Artist/Designer / Head of XS Jewellery HLSU / Prof of Art & Design SHU
Charon Kransen – Charon Kransen Arts, NY.
Despina Geroulanou – Member of the Benaki Museum Board of Trustees and Director of the Museum’s Shops.
Jorge Manilla – Artist / Professor / Head of Metal and Art Jewelry Department, Oslo National Academy of Arts.
Lucia Massei – Jewelry Artist / Director of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence.
Sofia Bjorkman – Jewelry Artist / Gallery Platina, Stockholm.


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