FaceArt Team


What is FaceArt?

FaceArt is dedicated to contemporary fine art of all kinds (visual arts, art objects, ceramics, and art jewelry). It is an international, interactive platform where artists, art creators, and galleries can dispose of and promote their artworks online. More than an online market, FaceArt is an online space that hosts the artists’ work while giving them the opportunity to connect with their audience. Artists can now be part of a bigger, artistic community on the Internet.

Our goal

FaceArt was created by people who have always been interested in the arts and amazed at how the creative process of one person is strong enough to make a big change in the world. Historically, art has had a huge impact in social changes on a local or global level.

Today, the Internet has created the opportunity for artists to be seen and heard from anywhere around the planet and most artists are using it for their business to grow.

However, most of them don’t see the results they expect.

And we know why:  having a webpage or promoting your work on social media is not enough; the Internet is like a different world and making the best out of it requires knowledge, skills, and effort. Being part of the digital network seems daunting and complicated for many people who don’t know how the Internet works.

But that’s where we can help: realizing how important art is today, we decided to create FaceArt in order to share our knowledge around digital marketing and online business with artists. Our purpose is to help artists expand worldwide through the Internet and achieve their goals.

What makes us different

We believe that all kinds of art are unique in their own way and therefore decided to put it all together in one place. We want to create an online community where every form of art has its place.

For us, Art Jewelry in specific deserves more attention and its own position in the art market, alongside visual arts and sculpture. We perceive Jewelry as a wearable form of art that can adorn a body while also carrying a message. It is portable, which means that the beauty and message of the artwork can be carried around and seen by anyone. It is not only about the artwork itself, but also about the person who wears it; the communication between the two, how it reflects one’s personality by just touching the human body and then leading it to a different dimension.

We strongly believe that Art is the world’s language. FaceArt is an international platform because we want it to be spread and seen by anyone around the planet.

However, we also understand the financial difficulties people around the world face in regard to their local economy. Therefore, we created FaceArt to be budget-friendly, so we can see every artist grow and succeed despite their origins or current location.

Our Team is very experienced and run by professionals who know very well how the Internet works and are experts in online marketing. They combine that with a great experience of traveling and understanding of cross-cultural differences.

Our support team members are well organized and will be at your disposal anytime.

We listen to our partners’ needs and we are constantly developing new tools to help artists and galleries achieve their goals and succeed.

FaceArt is a multi-dimensional space

It is an open online art exhibition divided into artists and galleries

It is the Open Studio of each Artist – Creator

It is the retrospective exhibition of each Artist – Creator as well as the history of Galleries activities

It is the place where every Artist- Creator or Gallery can announce the events they organize or participate in

It is the site of interactive visitor and creator communication.

It also gives the possibility to create a personalized market place so that the purchase and sale of art are easy and effective.

There are multiple ways to collaborate with FaceArt that appeal to Galleries and Artists, covering all the needs of their online presentation as well as their financial capabilities.

Collaboration with AJW2020

FaceArt strongly believes that Art Jewelry deserves more attention in the art market as it is a wearable form of Art. We consider that Athens Jewelry Week is one of the most important events regarding Art Jewelry globally.

So, we have a close collaboration with AJW2020 for the promotion of Art Jewelry. Apart from other activities such as the organization of a workshop and  the promotion of the event, four interviews were conducted with artists hosted in FaceArt  and participating in AJW2020

FaceArt interviews four AJW 2020 artists: