Brenda Schweder

Curio Keep


Photographer's light meter case, steel, lobster fossil, mammoth fossil, escutcheon, antique button, Cub Scout pin, linen, taxidermist deer eye, netting, seed beads.

8" x 11.75"

When charged, at a young age, with arranging the flotsam of my Grandma Mae’s bureau-top, I began a lifelong love of making chess-like moves with disparate objects and pieces of everyday life, in order to create new narratives. I still re-tell the tales of forgotten and discarded elements in my life’s path, through a new lens, using texture, a secret code of color, and minimal engineering. This process of re-creation invites viewers to spin their own endings to my carefully curated but half-told fables. In this way, a conversation begins, and we all become storytellers.