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ARKIVET - Athens Jewelry Week 2020


Aliona Pazdniakova

Common Secret


Film Stills Film (3:31 minutes)

Camilla Luihn

The Half-brother


925 Silver, Copper, Enamel

Ella Heidi



Oxidized Silver, Precious and Non-Precious Chains

Hilde Dramstad

Zaru #1


Wood, Textile, Jaspis, Coral, Jade

Putte DaL

Lack of insight


Modified Door Peephole, Wooden Part from a Spinning Wheel, Steel Screws, Second Hand Metal Chain

A Collection of Secrets

Reflect on the number of secrets and stories we carry with us. Take, for example, what is passed on from one generation to the next; family secrets, stories, and memories we keep to ourselves. Yours and my thoughts, what we don’t share, and what we may never talk about. Stories only a few know. Shame, guilt, emotions. Anxiety and joy. Could you share everything? And would you like to know everyone else’s secrets? There is power in having secrets and power in knowing others, while something is too heavy to bear, or too difficult to tell. Secrets can be treasures or curses. Burdens or joys. Certain things are forgotten, others forever remembered.

We present some of these secrets, as a collection and as an exhibition. From each artistic standpoint, secrets are visualized as each artist has their own technique, symbolism, and personal experience to draw from. At the same time, they share a common fascination and interest in communication through contemporary art jewelry. The work alternates between the intimate and the historical – which is expressed in the site-specific exhibition design.

ARKIVET consists of Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Camilla Luihn, and Ella Heidi Sand. In addition, they have invited the artist, Aliona Pazdniakova to participate in this project