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H6 Contemporary Jewelry Group - Athens Jewelry Week 2020

H6 Contemporary Jewelry Group

Anna Börcsök

Negative H6 Veronika Fazekas Brooch


Silver Plated Brass

Fruzsi Fekete

Porcelain Brooch #2


Porcelain, Stainless Steel

Kinga Horányi



Paper, Plastic

Zsófia Neuzer

Chaos: Tartarus

Necklace #01


Nóra Tengely

Trying to be no02


Copper, Stainless Steel

Veronika Fazekas

Relamella Holograph


Paper, Iridescent Pearl, Stainless Steel, Goldplated Silver

We need to talk…

–About me? About you?

–About us.

H6 is a contemporary jewelry group. Basically. But it’s much more than that. A group of good friends, inspiring colleagues, sincere women. We share our lives with each other and fill it with intellect.
This is a real treasure for us.

And what about you? Is there someone you can talk to? Because we all have a story to tell!

Group Artists: Anna Börcsök / Veronika Fazekas / Fruzsi Fekete / Kinga Horányi / Zsófia Neuzer / Nóra Tengely