Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School

Andreia Gabriela Popescu



Brooch, Gold, Silver, Seeds, Resin

A seed is a mystery. It sits easily in the palm of the hand, and yet holds an entire universe; life, death, the beginning and the end. A seed can be stored for years, and then be stirred into life to be the source of a thousand grains. The harvested grain represents food to sustain us in winter, and the promise of hope contained in the seed to be sown in spring. A seed is also associated with the creation of new life within a family. This new life belongs to a greater human community, just as a seed belongs to the harvested grain.

Arina Nitulescu



Sterling Silver, Wood, Textile

I chose the extreme case, of traumatic experiences, in which people had to flee their homes forcefully due to expropriation or war. These victims of the political regime had little time on their hands to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Using leftovers of their photos frames I was able to recompose that ''home'' occupied by insensitive inhabitants or broken by war.

Cleopatra Cosulet

Vade Mecum


Wadding, Acryl, Sterling Silver, Stainless Wire

Memories, untouchable but strong, shaped by us and shaping us, connect us to roots and help us build our lifepaths. Certain objects may catch certain soul significations, but memories are always there, inside us, everywhere. Today, I’ll let memories to be shaped into real. Memories from childhood, the passion and love, motherhood and the miracle of live, immaterial proofs of belonging, are now tangible belongings.

Diana Tobosaru

My precious


Bronze, Paper

...Throughout life you always need benchmarks. A happy memory, a good thought, trust in your dreams, all give you the magic power to pass easier through trials. Dear people, a poem, the infinite blue of the horizon you are heading to...a pearl necklace worn by your mother or the sound of the waves awaken in you a tumult of emotions... For the precious things in your life, those you always carry in your heart are not objects. They are your roots, your feelings, your memories,your dreams, all of which define you. Magic amulets without which life has no meaning.

Gena Tudor

Inside The Notebook


Ashes, Copper, Silver, Golden Leaf, Resin, Oxide

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart” Haruki Murakami What ashes of your past will the wind stir through your mind? What are the objects you would take, if you had to leave and start a new life? Objects that give you self-confidence, joyful memories and a connection to your past, that offer you the strength to look to the future.

Lucienne Buga



Epoxy Resin, Natural Pigments, Polymeric Clay, Glass Beads, Steel Wire

Is emigration a leap in time or in space? Or is it a soul transhumance towards a belonging place, an equilibrium sought because of a troubled past. It could be an evasion towards a different reality, a new form of personal identity.

Mihaela Ciocalteu

Ancestors #1


Sterling Silver, Gold Plating

Memories, flavors, feelings, souls, mothers, fathers, children, spouses, grandparents.All those who love me and whom I love with much gratitude, all those beyond the times are watching me…then and now. They are my inheritance, they will join me in the path of life,in the wicked ways of other dimensions, where we will certainly meet again.

Renata Dragusin



Sterling Silver, Porcelain

When I was twelve, my mother bought me “Alice in Wonderland”. I read it and I went “Wow!” It was a world beyond my imagination and unlike anything I have ever seen before... In our world, as well as Wonderland, every encounter, every word or conversation has a meaning to it. There are times in our lives when, if you are free to imagine while interacting with the world, the possibilities are endless. While keeping an open mind and full imagination, what will you learn when you take a trip down the rabbit hole?

Silvia Cruceru

Unrevealed #1


Silver, Bronze, Patina

We all want the wonderful, shining and positive things to be shown and shared with as many people as possible. But in troubled times, under the sign of personal and general destruction, important and defining things for us come to be hidden under the disguise of hate and degradation. There are times when the loss of innocence does not mean the loss of purity.


The exhibition theme is a word game, “belonging” referring to “be in the right place, to belong to a place or group, to integrate naturally”, while the plural “belongings” denotes the goods, the personal objects that we own. The exhibition calls into question the border between the self and the things we call ours, also looking at those goods that, beyond the utility or apparent external function, become message bearers, symbols of individual and cultural identity that connect the past to the future. The designers were invited to develop their collections starting from objects that they would take along if they needed to leave their homes forever.

There is a very remarkable inclination in human nature to bestow on external objects the same emotions which it observes in itself and to find everywhere those ideas which are most present to it – David Hume